Samson UK Release Date [UPDATED]

We can officially confirm that the upcoming action packed Pure Flix film Samson will be released in UK cinemas on July 13th 2018. [UPDATE: The film was originally scheduled for March 2nd and then May 25th but has now been re-scheduled for July 13th]

Click here to watch the official trailer

Samson is an action packed, gripping biblical epic that really brings to life the story of Samson. It thoroughly captures the energy, strength, passion and calling of Samson and is a must see film. Click here to read our full review

Samson is based on the powerful, biblical epic of a champion chosen by God to deliver Israel. His supernatural strength and impulsive decisions quickly pit him against the oppressive Philistine empire. After being betrayed by a wicked prince and a beautiful temptress, he is captured and blinded by his enemies. Samson calls upon his God once more for supernatural strength and turns imprisonment and blindness into final victory.

Out of the pages of ancient scripture arises the first superhero saga — that of a child born with supernatural strength in 1200 BCE who, as an adult, leads his oppressed tribe against the mighty empire of his day. Though seduced by women and wine, his feats of might and valor strike fear into the heart of his enemies. In the end, only one God can stand in this tale of seduction, revenge, and supernatural might.

Samson’s journey of passion, betrayal, and redemption inspires audiences to realize that life’s failures need not define their future.

The action packed film stars Jackson Rathbone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane, Lindsay Wagner, Caitlin Leahy and Taylor James as Samson.

The film is made by Pure Flix, the same studio that made the God’s Not Dead series of films, and other hit films including The Case For Christ.

Samson will be released in the UK on July 13th by Kaleidoscope, who have previously released God’s Not Dead 2 and The Case For Christ here in the UK, as well as other Pure Flix films on DVD.

As usual we will be posting the cinema listings nearer the time of the release date once these are confirmed.

So pop the date in your diary, and get ready to watch Samson, in UK cinemas July 13th 2018.



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