Harrison Powell Interview – Producer – An Interview with God

We chatted with Harrison Powell, co-producer of An Interview with God and manages Giving Films. We spoke to him about Giving Films and An Interview with God, wh...[Read More]

J. Michael Finley Interview – I Can Only Imagine

We chatted to J. Michael Finley, who plays Bart Millard in the inspirational, true story film I Can Only Imagine about the story, theatre and acting. Click here...[Read More]

Brad Cooper Interview – Godspeed

We Chatted to Brad Cooper to find out more about his film Godspeed – The Race Across America, find our more below. Presented by Fathom Events and The Rudy...[Read More]

N.D. Wilson Interview – The Riot and The Dance

We chatted with N.D Wilson about his film The Riot and The Dance, creation and completing the film with a brain tumour. Tell us about yourself and how you becam...[Read More]

Dr. Gordon Wilson Interview – The Riot and The Dance

We chatted with Dr. Gordon Wilson about his thrilling nature documentary The Riot and The Dance, about creation and being a biologist. Please tell us about your...[Read More]

Andy Erwin Interview – Director – I Can Only Imagine

We chatted to Andy Erwin of the Erwin Brothers, directors of Woodlawn and their recent film I Can Only Imagine. We spoke to Andy about filmmaking and the film b...[Read More]

John K.D. Graham Interview – Wish For Christmas – Part 2

In Part 2 of our interview with Wish For Christmas director John K.D. Graham we discuss the film Wish For Christmas and also share some more behind the scene ph...[Read More]

John K.D. Graham Interview – Wish For Christmas – Part 1

We chatted to Wish For Christmas director, John K.D. Graham about filmmaking, being a Christian in Hollywood and also about his film Wish For Christmas which is...[Read More]

Aimeé Spurlock Interview – All Saints

We chatted with Aimeé Spurlock, wife of Rev. Michael Spurlock; about faith, hospitality and their true story which is featured in the movie All Saints. Aimeé wo...[Read More]

Eric Hovind Interview – Genesis: Paradise Lost

We caught up with Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today to chat about their cutting edge film Genesis: Paradise Lost, as well as standing up for our faith. G...[Read More]

Judd Brannon Follow Up Interview – Champion

We caught up with director Judd Brannon on the release of Champion to follow up on the success of the film and hear about how it has impacted people and how peo...[Read More]

Interview Darren Moorman – Producer – Same Kind Of Different As Me

We chatted with producer Darren Moorman about his upcoming film, Same Kind Of Different As Me and about the Red Carpet for the Homeless event. Please tell us a ...[Read More]

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