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Richard Smith is the founder of The Christian Film Review. His passion is to generate a buzz about Christian film and get people informed and excited about Christian films, showcasing the alternatives that in this day in age are a light in the darkness of what society is promoting.

Priceless Out Now on DVD in UK

Priceless is now available on DVD in the UK! It has taken a few years for this hit film to make it to our shores, but it is finally here and it is a film not to be missed. Click here to buy Priceless on DVD Priceless is beautifully told, shot and acted, with a thrilling and compelling story, it really is a rarity and is one of the best films out right now. There are many twists and turns in this f...

I Can Only Imagine Out Now on DVD in US

The hit film, based on the hit song, I Can Only Imagine is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and DigitalHD across the US. Click here to download on DigitalHD on iTunes I Can Only Imagine is an extremely powerful movie of forgiveness. The story behind the song really brings across the real life changing message of forgiveness, hope and redemption that only Jesus can offer. This powerful testimony of th...



Gallows Road Review

Gallows Road is a gripping and dramatic film that focuses on forgiveness over revenge. The film follows Bob Collins, a husband and father with two children and a business partner with his younger bother. Bob and his brother Seth are about to open an antiques store, that was previously owned by the sheriff’s brother, who has two trouble making sons, Snake and Matty. Snake and Matty recruit a driver...



Gallows Road

Gallows Road is a story of choices. An evil act takes the lives of a man’s wife and children. Despaired he retreats to isolation. He is done with God and men. Two children discover him and their friendship begins to penetrate his soul.Can he rise above the ashes and learn to forgive or will he seek revenge? Ask and ye shall receive… seek and ye shall find.

Kendrick Brothers’ 6th Movie Release Date & Name Announced

Affirm Films have announced the name and release date of the Kendrick Brothers’ upcoming sixth movie. The Kendrick Brothers’ new film will be titled Overcomer and is scheduled to be released on August 23rd 2019. The Kendrick Brothers are known for changing the landscape and paving the way for Christian films from their first film Flywheel through to their latest number one film War Roo...

I Believe Out Now on DVD in UK

Inspirational family friendly drama, I Believe is out now on DVD in the UK. Click here to buy I Believe DVD I Believe is a wonderful, inspiring and at times a very gripping film that encourages faith in Jesus and reminds us that miracles can happen and with God all things are possible. Click here to read our full review The film follows 9-year-old Brian (Rowan Smyth) has a supernatural encounter w...

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