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Charles Mully

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 03: Charles Mully attends Mully Theatrical Premiere on October 3, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Mully)

Dr. Charles Mully has dedicated the past 27 years and all of his resources to rescuing abandoned children from poverty in the slums of Kenya. The new film Mully depicts the extraordinary rags-to-riches story of his life.

Describe the moment when you decided to leave business pursuits behind and pursue lost children instead.

The moment when I decided to leave business pursuits behind and pursue on rescuing children’s lives, child mothers, and young people who were extremely poor and desperate, turned many people to look at it as total madness. Many questions were being spread across the country of Kenya as to whether my mind was normal. My family, wife and children were worried about their future and, at first, could not understand why I started sharing my wealth with the poor children who could not repay me back. There was a lot of confusion, mistrust, and lack of respect from all corners.

In fact, many of my friends and church members were no better, and had the same response.

What was the hardest part about saying yes to God when He prompted you to make this incredible life change?

The hardest part about saying yes to God when he prompted me to make this incredible life change was leaving my family behind for many hours and days in order to pursue sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with children and young people. Also, making my friends and people in my city understand my vision and mission, and practicing the real life of Jesus Christ that says, “If you want to be My disciple you must carry the cross and follow Me.” It was very hard to keep up the pace by denial of myself, family and friends for the sake of the vulnerable children and youth.

Have you ever doubted you were doing the right thing?

I have never doubted that I chose to do the right thing simply because I knew whom I believed and that He was able to accomplish what He promised during the time when I was confronted by God’s Spirit in my car on November 17, 1989. I made the right choice to follow His instruction by obedience to Him. Obedience is better than burnt offerings.

So many people thought you were “crazy” over the years. How did you keep the faith to continue pursuing what you felt called to do?

Many people thought I was crazy but I just kept on trusting in the Lord with all my heart. Even in difficult situations, I remained focused on the work I was called to do. I had, and even today, very strong faith in Christ Jesus and our Father in Heaven that whatever He started in me, He will bring it to great accomplishment until the day of Christ Jesus.

I believe that true faith is not about what you can see today or any other time, but it is believing and trusting on God for the things to come. You and I must wait patiently for God’s will in our lives.

As a young boy, when your family left you, you made the long walk to Nairobi. What was this walk like for you? What thoughts did you have during that journey?

When my family abandoned me, after about ten years of suffering through lack of food, clothing, accommodation and education, I made a long walk to the city of Nairobi. I had no money in my pocket and so I was forced by circumstances to beg for food but nothing was forthcoming. I was extremely tired, and mind you, I didn’t know where I was going to find a job. It was a terrible experience in my journey.

The thoughts that I had during the journey was how I was going to get food, shelter and a job of which I was not trained. There was a lot of uncertainties as I walked that long road, not knowing how I would survive.

You have been an inspiration to thousands of children. Who has been an inspiration to you?

I have been an inspiration to thousands of children, young people and adults over the years. God has been a great inspiration to me during this journey. My wife and my children too.

Did you learn anything new about yourself during the making of this film?

I have learned a lot during and since the inception of Mully Children’s Family Ministry. Depending and leaning on Jesus Christ, through the Holly Spirit and being obedient to Him by listening to His voice. Even during the making of the film, it has brought clearer vision about the love of God and that it is accessible to all mankind.

What do you hope this film accomplishes?

It is my hope and prayer that “MULLY” will bring reconciliation and forgiveness to individuals, marriages, families and all groups of people across the globe. That the salvation of Jesus Christ will become real to all. That it will bring revival to many broken spirits. That it will create awareness about Mully Children’s Family, and foremost, that it will honor and glorify the name of the Lord our God.

What is next for MCF? What is your vision for the future?

My vision for the future is to prepare young men and women for servant leadership through provisions of scholarship for further studies in colleges and universities. I would like to see great men and women becoming great evangelists, missionaries, political leaders in the government, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc.

Also, to make Jesus known through establishment of a Mully International University for agriculture, water conservation and environmental development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, entrepreneurship and business studies, and missiology and bible, among others.

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