Andrew Maclean

Andrew Maclean is a producer and director running First Last Film ( ), a corporate video production company in Hammersmith where he lives with wife Holly. Prior to founding First Last Film Andrew was Creative Director for the UK Christian Film Festival and Head of Video for Holy Trinity Brompton.



Because of Gracia – A Must See Movie

This movie is a must see!!!



The Shack Review

The Shack is the highly anticipated, big screen interpretation of the best selling book of the same name. Protagonist ‘Mack’ played by Sam Worthington goes through the horror of losing his youngest daughter during a camping trip. She disappears and her body is never found. Just a bloodied dress in a shack high in the woods. The family is torn apart in the aftermath of this tragedy and ...

The Shack Film – A First Look

We asked¬†Andrew Maclean, Director of First Last Film to give us a first look at The Shack. After two long years of waiting the UK finally got to see an early preview screening of the Stuart Hazeldine directed film ‘The Shack’. Like many Christians, in fact like many people, I read the book of the same name back in the late noughties. It was written by William P Young originally as a st...

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