The Shack UK DVD Release Date

The Shack UK DVD release date has been announced and will be available on DVD in the UK on 16th October 2017.

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The Shack addresses hard hitting subjects and asks how we can forgive the unforgivable. It asks the audience to look where they need to forgive and pulls their heart strings enough to make them cry but not enough to make them shrug with cynicism. Some will struggle with the theology but the message of God’s unreserved love and forgiveness will reach down into the depths of the audience. Click here to read our full review of The Shack by Andrew Maclean from First Last Film

The Shack was directed by Stuart Hazeldine. The cast is lead by Sam Worthington (Avatar) who will play lead character Mackenzie Phillips. With Tim McGraw, Octavia Spencer, Forest Whitaker, Graham Greene, Radha Mitchell, Aviv Alush and Alice Braga also staring in the film.

The film is based on William P Young’s New York Times Number One best selling book. The Shack follows Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) who has spiralled into a deep depression after suffering a family tragedy (the abduction and assumed murder of his daughter), causing him to question his innermost beliefs. Facing a crisis of faith, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness where his daughter may have been murdered. Despite his doubts, Mack journeys to the shack and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa (Octavia Spencer). Through this meeting, Mack finds important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy and change his life forever.

The novel with its story of the restoration of a man torn in two by grief and guilt, has become a landmark in Christian faith based fiction. Opening up the understanding of The Trinity even to those with no deep knowledge of theology the New York Times best seller sparked praise and controversy in equal amounts at all levels of church involvement – from new Christians to theological scholars. People should read the book or even see the film before making their own judgement.

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Richard Smith is the founder of The Christian Film Review. His passion is to generate a buzz about Christian film and get people informed and excited about Christian films, showcasing the alternatives that in this day in age are a light in the darkness of what society is promoting.

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