The Riot and The Dance Out Now on Digital HD

Outstanding nature documentary, The Riot and The Dance has been released on Digital HD and is available now on all major digital platforms in the US and in the UK.

Buy The Riot and the Dance: Earth on iTunes

The Riot and The Dance is a must see film, it is an extraordinary, superb and visually stunning nature documentary that celebrates the glory of God’s creation.

This really is the nature documentary we have been waiting for! With an enthusiastic, excitable and hands-on biologist drawing us in and taking us on a journey exploring God’s animals and landscapes coupled with some visually amazing footage, this documentary will have you gripped and wanting more. Click here to read our full review

Join in the glorious uproar of creation with The Riot and the Dance, a boisterous new nature documentary featuring a biologist who was once told he would never succeed if he kept blabbing about all that silly Creator-creature nonsense. But now you can follow along with Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpieces whether he’s catching wildlife in his own back yard or in the jungles of Sri Lanka. (Yeah, he did get bitten, but not by the cobra.)

Showstopping footage and powerful narration will open your eyes to the extraordinary glory found all over the animal kingdom. From leopards and langurs to vipers and elephants and beyond, The Riot and the Dance is a cinematic exploration that you won’t want to miss.

The Riot and the Dance focuses on some of the world’s celebrity critters (megafauna), while also drawing attention to some of the often-overlooked inhabitants of the everyday. “For the past three years, we have been capturing on film the wonder of the world around us,” explains director N.D. Wilson. “What better way for us to celebrate the Creator of the Universe than share His incredible creation. We hope that viewers are inspired to take a deeper look at the riot and the dance in the desert, in the jungle and in our own backyards.”

Buy The Riot and the Dance: Earth on iTunes

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