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Samson Out Now in US Theatres

Biblical action epic, Samson has been released in US Theatres. Samson is an action packed, gripping biblical epic that really brings to life the story of Samson...[Read More]

Gallows Road Out Now on DVD in UK

Gallows Road has finally been released on DVD in the UK and is now available. Click here to watch the trailer Click here to buy Gallows Road DVD Bob Collins has...[Read More]

Paul, Apostle of Christ UK Release Date [UPDATED]

UPDATED – According to IMDB Paul, Apostle of Christ, the upcoming film based on the life of Paul from Affirm Films was scheduled be released in UK cinemas...[Read More]

Is Genesis History? Out on DVD in UK

Creation documentary Is Genesis History is available on DVD in the UK. Click here to buy Is Genesis History? DVD Is Genesis History? is a very informative and e...[Read More]

Extraordinary Out Now on DVD in US

Extraordinary, the film based on true life events of David Horton is now available on DVD and Digital HD across the US. Extraordinary is an awesome, inspiring a...[Read More]

I Can Only Imagine Official Trailer Released

Upcoming film I Can Only Imagine, based on the story of the popular worship song, has released an official trailer. The film will be released in US theatres on ...[Read More]

Woodlawn UK DVD Release Date

True story film Woodlawn will finally be released on DVD in the UK on January 22nd 2018. The film was available on DigitalHD last year, so it is great to finall...[Read More]

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John K.D. Graham Interview – Wish For Christmas – Part 1

We chatted to Wish For Christmas director, John K.D. Graham about filmmaking, being a Christian in Hollywood and also about his film Wish For Christmas which is...[Read More] Review is one of the largest faith based and family friendly movie streaming platforms with thousands of movies available. The streaming service comes fro...[Read More]

Top Films for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, where we celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus and there are some fantastic Christmas films out. It is a great opp...[Read More]

Aimeé Spurlock Interview – All Saints

We chatted with Aimeé Spurlock, wife of Rev. Michael Spurlock; about faith, hospitality and their true story which is featured in the movie All Saints. Aimeé wo...[Read More]

Eric Hovind Interview – Genesis: Paradise Lost

We caught up with Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today to chat about their cutting edge film Genesis: Paradise Lost, as well as standing up for our faith. G...[Read More]

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