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On Wings Of Eagles

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Wings of Eagles Out Now on DVD in UK

Wings Of Eagles (originally released as On Wings of Eagles), the true story film which follows the story of Eric Liddell after the 1924 Olympics has been released on DVD in the UK and is available now...[Read More]

On Wings Of Eagles Out Now in Theatres & VOD in US

True Story film On Wings Of Eagles, which follows the story of Eric Liddell after the 1924 Olympics has been released in US theatres and also on Video on Demand platforms. Click here to buy On Wings o...[Read More]

On Wings Of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles' tells the story of Liddell's glorious life after winning Olympic gold in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Liddell, played by Fiennes, has returned to China, where he was born to missionary parents, modestly avoiding celebrity in order to teach local schoolchildren.

In 1937, the Japanese invade China at the outset of WWll. Liddell with his friend Xu Niu (Shawn Dou), a street smart resistance fighter, recognize the increasing danger so Liddell sends his wife, Florence (Elizabeth Arends) and their two daughters to safety in Canada. Duty-bound, Liddell stays to minister to the civilian victims.

Liddell and other foreign nationals are taken as prisoners and placed in one of the many Japanese internment camps where they are forced to endure for two years. Before the Japanese surrender, Liddell succumbs to a brain tumor. Yet his message of the Gospel became immortal. Liddell's legacy continues to this day as he remains admired as a champion for life

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