Mully Out Now in US Theatres

True story movie, Mully has been released and is out now in US theatres for three nights.

The film is being shown in US theatres on October 3rd, 4th and 5th and in Canadian theatres on October 4th and 12th.

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Mully depicts the extraordinary rags-to-riches story of Charles Mully, whose meteoric rise from orphaned poverty in Kenya leads him on an unimaginable journey of selflessness and self-sacrifice.

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In this remarkably hopeful and inspiring portrait of determination and selflessness, this film examines the crosscurrents that push and pull our lives in unexpected directions. Charles Mully, abandoned by his parents in rural Kenya at six years old, finds his way to Nairobi. Once there, his street smarts and entrepreneurial drive help him rapidly build an impressive array of businesses that give him wealth, attention and creature comforts far removed from his humble beginnings.

But after a dramatic encounter with local beggars and thieves, Mully begins to question the forces and impulses that fueled his success. Deciding to radically change his value set, he sets out to help Kenya’s orphaned children find homes, education and a future. With a nuanced and absorbing window into Kenyan culture as a backdrop, this film is a vital reminder that real change must sometimes start within ourselves.

The film comes from award-winning actor/director Scott Haze and Academy Award– winning executive producer James Moll.

Filmed on location in Kenya, Africa, which is both the emotional and cinematic backdrop for the docudrama, this film takes audiences on the journey of one man who has personally experienced each remote edge of that spectrum, from the deepest depths of poverty to becoming a burning fire of hope in Kenya’s dark night.

Based on the life of Charles M. Mully, who is one of Africa’s most respected humanitarians as the father of “The World’s Largest Family,” with more than 12,000 children he has rescued.

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