Michael Jr. Interview – More than Funny

We caught up with comedian Michael Jr. to talk about his new film More than Funny, check it out and find out more below: Please tell us how you became a Christi...[Read More]

David L. Cunningham Interview – Director – Running for Grace

We chatted with David L. Cunningham about his new film Running for Grace, his family legacy, Christian films and Hollywood. Please tell us about you family back...[Read More]

Harrison Powell Interview – Producer – An Interview with God

We chatted with Harrison Powell, co-producer of An Interview with God and manages Giving Films. We spoke to him about Giving Films and An Interview with God, wh...[Read More]

J. Michael Finley Interview – I Can Only Imagine

We chatted to J. Michael Finley, who plays Bart Millard in the inspirational, true story film I Can Only Imagine about the story, theatre and acting. Click here...[Read More]

Brad Cooper Interview – Godspeed

We Chatted to Brad Cooper to find out more about his film Godspeed – The Race Across America, find our more below. Presented by Fathom Events and The Rudy...[Read More]

N.D. Wilson Interview – The Riot and The Dance

We chatted with N.D Wilson about his film The Riot and The Dance, creation and completing the film with a brain tumour. Tell us about yourself and how you becam...[Read More]

Dr. Gordon Wilson Interview – The Riot and The Dance

We chatted with Dr. Gordon Wilson about his thrilling nature documentary The Riot and The Dance, about creation and being a biologist. Please tell us about your...[Read More]

Andy Erwin Interview – Director – I Can Only Imagine

We chatted to Andy Erwin of the Erwin Brothers, directors of Woodlawn and their recent film I Can Only Imagine. We spoke to Andy about filmmaking and the film b...[Read More]

John K.D. Graham Interview – Wish For Christmas – Part 2

In Part 2 of our interview with Wish For Christmas director John K.D. Graham we discuss the film Wish For Christmas and also share some more behind the scene ph...[Read More]

John K.D. Graham Interview – Wish For Christmas – Part 1

We chatted to Wish For Christmas director, John K.D. Graham about filmmaking, being a Christian in Hollywood and also about his film Wish For Christmas which is...[Read More]

Aimeé Spurlock Interview – All Saints

We chatted with Aimeé Spurlock, wife of Rev. Michael Spurlock; about faith, hospitality and their true story which is featured in the movie All Saints. Aimeé wo...[Read More]

Eric Hovind Interview – Genesis: Paradise Lost

We caught up with Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today to chat about their cutting edge film Genesis: Paradise Lost, as well as standing up for our faith. G...[Read More]

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