‘I Can Only Imagine’ Song to Become a Film


MercyMe’s popular and hit song I Can Only Imagine is set to become a film and is looking likely to be released in Spring 2018.

The film inspired by the song is a true story and is based on the life of Bart Millard, lead singer of the band MercyMe, who loses his father to cancer and inspires him to write the mega-hit song, I Can Only Imagine.

The Erwin Brothers, Jon and Andrew are directing the film and are known for the faith based hit films Woodlawn, Moms’ Night Out and October Baby. Joining the Erwin Brothers are producers Kevin Downes and Daryl Lefever who also worked on Woodlawn and Moms’ Night Out. Other producers include Travis Mann, Simon Swart, Scott Brickell and Cindy Bond in association with Mission Pictures.

Big name stars including Dennis Quaid, Trace Adkins and Cloris Leachman will be in the film alongside Madeline Carroll, Priscilla Shirer and broadway actor J. Michael Finney.

The song I Can Only Imagine was released in 2001 and according to Deadline is the most-played song on Christian radio of all time. It is also the first Christian song to have ever reached double platinum status, having sold more than 2 million digital downloads, and boosted sales of the album to almost triple platinum status.

With this mega hit song comes a large fan base, which could mean the film is already set to become a hit when it released.

The song is about wondering what it would be to see God face to face for the first time and how we might respond, which was written in a response to the death of Bart Millard’s father.

We will keep you updated on any news on the film and its release date once we have the information, but at the moment get ready to watch the film in Spring 2018.

Richard Smith is the founder of The Christian Film Review. His passion is to generate a buzz about Christian film and get people informed and excited about Christian films, showcasing the alternatives that in this day in age are a light in the darkness of what society is promoting.

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