Is Genesis History? Out on DVD in UK

Creation documentary Is Genesis History is available on DVD in the UK.

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Is Genesis History? is a very informative and educational documentary which delivers intelligent and truthful insight of our origins, Biblical creation and the flood. Is Genesis History? The answer is a resounding yes! This documentary is a thrilling watch that can challenge any different views and change the way you see the world, it is definitely a discussion starter. This film provides a positive and intellectual argument for Biblical creation and the flood. Click here to read our full review

What exactly happened, “In the beginning …” and in the time that followed? Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and reliable record, but during the past 250 years, it has become one of the most controversial books of all time. Events such as the creation of the universe in six days, God making man in His image, and a global flood destroying the world are regularly scoffed at by many … including by some Christians.

Where can reliable, well-researched answers be found? Is Genesis History? is a comprehensive documentary that delves deeply into biblical, historical, and scientific frameworks to explore everything from geology to biology to astronomy to archeology … and much more. Is Genesis History? shines new light on our origins, providing a positive argument for Biblical Creation and the Flood.

The film’s goal is to provide a reasonable case for Creation in six normal days, a real Adam and Eve, an actual fall, a global flood, and a tower of Babel. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of “The Truth Project,” serves as your guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—in an exploration of two competing views … one compelling truth.

Click here to buy Is Genesis History? DVD

Richard Smith is the founder of The Christian Film Review. His passion is to generate a buzz about Christian film and get people informed and excited about Christian films, showcasing the alternatives that in this day in age are a light in the darkness of what society is promoting.

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