Eric Hovind Interview – Genesis: Paradise Lost

Eric HovindWe caught up with Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today to chat about their cutting edge film Genesis: Paradise Lost, as well as standing up for our faith.

Growing up in a home focused on apologetics, what made you decide to become a Christian?

At the age of 18, I began to wonder if everything I had been taught was true. Was I just a Christian because I was raised in a Christian home and live in America, or was I Christian because Christianity was fundamentally true?That question led me on a quest for the very foundation of truth. After looking at different religions, I came to realize that there is only one truth, not multiple truths. That one truth is found in God’s word. At the age of 21, I watched a message called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort which shared the difference between the modern gospel and the Gospel of the Bible. After watching that Sermon four times in a row, I bowed my head in my living room, repented of my sin, and had my heart radically change by God.

You are known for standing up against atheism and evolution, how important is it to stand up for our faith, to stand up for creation?

It has been said that is easier to fall for anything than to stand for something. When you stand for Truth, by very definition you stand against anything that is not the truth. I am simply standing for what is true and feel that every person on the planet should do the same. We know that God created the Heaven and the earth.

How would you encourage others to stand up for their faith?

Our culture has come to the point where standing on the authority of God is ridiculed. Because of this, some Christians cower away from the only foundation that makes sense of morality, science and the existence of the universe. We try to convince the world that God exists and that His word is valid, yet attempt this feat without using the very authority of God’s word that we are trying to uphold. God’s word has the very foundation for every area of life and we need to be presenting truth from the very beginning. That beginning is Genesis which is why we produced this film that we believe is foundational to educating the world with the Truth.

You dedicated your life to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and pointing people towards God as creator, how did the idea for Genesis: Paradise Lost come about?

I met the director and producer Ralph Strean while presenting at an apologetics conference in Orlando, FL. His talent blew me away and we had soon launched a series of videos called Creation Minutes – success of these videos brought us to entertain an idea from Ralph that would bring the Bible to life in stunning 3D with state of the art graphics and cinematography. Wanting to bring awareness to the truth of Scripture, our board jumped on the opportunity and we are thrilled with the results!

How is this film different to other similar documentaries?

Quite simply, nothing like this has ever been done before. Computing power to recreate the creation of the universe as given in Genesis chapter 1 has just become available for an independent film. We feel blessed to be on the cutting edge of the film world and to be giving the gift of the first Biblical 3D movie to the world.

With cutting-edge 3D animation, this film really brings creation to life, how important was adding the 3D element?

Ask anyone who has seen it in both 2D and 3D and they will tell you that while the 2D is VERY impressive, the 3D takes the entire experience over the top. You really feel like you are there watching God create the heavens and the earth! Seeing Genesis reach more than 1000 screens with 70% of them being 3D screens across America this December 11th is quite a treat.

How does this film open people’s eyes to the evidence of creation and the Gospel?

Understanding the truth about Genesis is truly critical to understanding the truth about the Gospel. If the Gospel is the “good news” that Christ died and rose again for our sin, you have to ask the question: where did sin come from? The only answer to that is found in Genesis. God created a perfect Creation. Man sinned and brought death into God’s perfect Creation. Jesus Christ became flesh and dwelt among men to be the perfect sacrifice that redeems the Creation. Therefore, Genesis is essential to the understanding of the Gospel!

How have you seen God use this film? Do you have any stories?

Take a look at any of the review sites or our facebook page and you will be as thrilled as I am about what God is doing! We are averaging 5 out of 5 stars even on sites like Rotten Tomatoes. One woman wrote us on Facebook Messenger and said, “Thank you! My husband believed in Evolution going into the theater and believed in Creation coming out of the theater!” Genesis: Paradise Lost is helping people overcome the hurdle of evolution that keeps many from coming to Salvation.

What do you hope people will take away from watching the film?

I pray that people will have the same epiphany that so many others have had while seeing God create the heavens and the earth and hearing the science supporting this truth. I believe that for many, this will be a defining moment!

How do you see this film being used for outreach?

Think of all the discussions you have had with an unbeliever and all the arguments and facts you have tried to present to show that God’s word is true. This film presents everything you wanted to share with them about the truth of God creating the heavens and the earth in under 2 hours! It will be a game changer as people sit in the theater or in their living room and soak in everything you’ve been wanting them to hear!

This is titled as part one, is there more to come?

Our prayer is that this is just the beginning! Scripture tells us that people will be ignorant of the Creation, the Flood, and the coming judgment of God! Sounds like we need to hit the Flood next!

How can we pray for you?

Wisdom!  God says that if we seek wisdom, we seek the principle thing! So above all, I pray for wisdom and the courage to implement it as God shares it with me. Thank you so much for sharing the truth of this film with others! Let’s impact eternity for Christ!

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